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Personalised Baby Blankets, Custom Made In Australia

Welcome to Thread the Word, Australia’s trusted provider of custom blankets. Our blankets are more than just warm, they are beautifully handcrafted pieces that embody creativity, personality, and warmth, designed just for you. We take immense joy in creating memorable keepsakes that are not only functional but cherished for a lifetime.

Experience the Comfort of Thread the Word Custom Knitted Blankets

We believe in creating products that reflect genuine warmth and cosy comfort. Our custom blankets are crafted in Australia with the finest 100% cotton, beautifully soft to touch and offering ideal warmth. The satisfying texture of our blankets adds a charming touch to your home decor, making them perfect for draping over your sofa or taking with you on your travels.

Every custom knitted blanket begins with your vision. You choose the design, the colours to match your style or home decor and add special symbols or names to create a blanket that is truly personal to you. We, at Thread the Word, take pride in bringing your vision to life, turning your chosen design into a beautifully knitted blanket made from the highest quality yarn.

Our custom knitted blankets are not just designed to offer warmth to you and your loved ones but to also become keepsakes, a cherished item upon which memories are built, stories created, and love shared. From cosy movie nights to picnics outdoors, our blankets make every moment feel special.

Celebrate Individuality with Thread the Word Customisable Blankets

Everyone is unique and at Thread the Word, we celebrate that distinctiveness through our customisable blankets. We provide an interactive online platform that lets you choose from an extensive range of designs, colours, and symbols to create a blanket that is distinctive and unique like you.

From selecting favourite colours to embedding a name or a special symbol, we allow you to design a blanket that speaks volumes about your loved one. Made with care right in our Melbourne warehouse, our blankets reflect a special story and personal style.<br><br>

Each personalised blanket makes a meaningful and memorable gift that can express your love and affection for your family, friends or loved ones in a unique and creative way. A customisable blanket from Thread the Word is a beautiful blend of warmth, comfort and a touch of your own personality.

Why Choose Thread the Word for Custom Blankets?

  • Australian Owned & Operated: At Thread the Word, we source our material locally and take immense pride in being a homegrown brand.
  • Premium Quality: Every Thread the Word custom blanket is crafted from 100% cotton, ensuring they’re soft, breathable and hypoallergenic.
  • Personalised & Unique: With a wide range of designs, colours and symbols to select from, creating a blanket that’s uniquely yours is easy!
  • Quick Shipping: Our blankets are delivered right to your doorstep, anywhere in Australia. We ship within five days at no extra cost.
  • Sustainable Manufacturing: Our commitment to the environment ensures we follow sustainable practices in our manufacturing process.

How to Create Your Custom Blanket with Thread the Word

Creating your custom blanket is a simple and enjoyable process. Select the size you desire, from newborn and bassinet for babies, cot for toddlers, single for a child or adult size for an extra dose of personalised comfort for your teenage or adult loved ones.
Our user-friendly personalisation platform allows you to choose from over 100 icons, 30 colours, and 27 designs to customise your blanket. Once your order is placed, our dedicated team will start crafting your design, and it will be ready to ship to you in just five days.

Exceptional Custom Blanket Services Across Australia

Thread the Word is proud to provide exceptional custom blanket services to various locations across Australia, including Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, and Perth. No matter where you are, you can experience the warmth and comfort of our beautifully knitted, personalised blankets.

Start Your Custom Blanket Journey Today with Thread the Word

Begin your journey towards owning a Thread the Word blanket that’s as unique as you are. Simply use our online platform to order your perfect customised blanket. If you have any additional questions, our customer service team is ready to assist you at 1300 086 238. We look forward to wrapping your unique stories and memories in the warmth of our custom blankets. Your perfect custom blanket is just a few clicks away.









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